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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for this website, the GizmoPack service, and the GizmoPack app. Privacy is very important to me, and I try to limit the third-party services I use.

Information collection

I don't use any third-party analytics services on this site or in the app, the only data I see are those reported to me by Apple when you use the app. Data stored with the 'Universal Variables' action are stored server-side to provide access to it through the Shortcut Action. Data stored in the 'Public' and 'Protected' Universal Variables database can also be served via a publicly-available HTTP API. The data stored by me is only used for providing the GizmoPack app and not used for any analytics.

Data Processors

I make use of the following third-party services:

Updates to this policy

This Privacy Policy might get updated. You should consult https://gizmopack.app/privacy to find the latest version.


To contact me about this policy, please send an email to privacy@gizmopack.app